Why foundations is needed

The successful integration of migrants is a Europe-wide priority.  Employment is recognized as a key strategy, as well as a route to migrant independence and wellbeing.  Yet, migrants face higher unemployment than native citizens and the gap is rising. They are over represented among the low-skilled and tend to work in cyclical industries with higher layoffs.

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Our aim is clear

Foundations for Work aims to increase the integration of young immigrants into the labour market of their host countries by producing a multilingual, multicultural training course which will allow them to acquire the basic competences and transferable work skills needed to open up progression opportunities either directly into employment and/or to further vocational qualifications.

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What’s it about?

Young migrant workers with low qualifications and workplace skills have been hit especially hard by the economic crisis.  Among immigrants, they are most likely to experience difficulties acquiring and retaining employment.  A range of VET initiatives now exists for immigrants, yet their generic nature and focus on ICT means they are unsuited to the young male workers who are most at need, thereby causing further exclusion.

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“We asked for workers. We got people instead.” ― Max Frisch