About the Partners

aboutpartnersThe FfW consortium of six core partners from five countries has developed over time as a strong multidisciplinary partnership embracing voluntary sector organizations of different types (service provision, training, representation and advocacy) as well as an SME provider of VET solutions and a university association.

Diversity Works will lead the project and will also coordinate the materials development phase, given they author of the range of original Foundations for Work materials, as well as an experienced provider of vocational training to disadvantaged youth and coordinator of internationally funded projects .

aboutpartnersmiddle_smlIn terms of expertise, Folkuniversitetet stands out for its experience in the Improved Future project and academic rigor, and so will lead the Training Needs Analysis.   The geographic proximity of Diversity Works and Canice Consulting favours a productive collaboration in the development and technological transfer of the learning materials and the choice of FLM to lead the pilot test is linked to their extensive work with young, male, unskilled migrant workers and the severe impact of the economic recession on this sector in Spain.

Doras Luimnί represent target group interests more extensively than any other organizations, hence their assignments to contribute significantly on the dissemination and exploitation work packages. Doras Luimni have extensive experience in the delivery of National & EU funded Programmes and this allied to their close understanding of the target group will see them, well placed to lead the Quality Management and Evaluation work package.

European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training  has been carefully selected for their unparalleled reach to mainstream VET Orgs and providers, thus ensuring that that FfW impacts will not be restricted to specialist Immigrant Support Organisations, but can and will be adopted by VET providers throughout Europe who frequently work with an Immigrant population.