Our Aim is clear

golden-elevatorFoundations for Work aims to increase the integration of young immigrants into the labour market of their host countries by producing a multilingual, multicultural training course which will allow them to acquire the basic competences and transferable work skills needed to open up progression opportunities either directly into employment and/or to further vocational qualifications. A secondary aim is to make VET providers more aware of the variety of needs within the migrant population and thus better equipped to support this subgroup.

Thus, our specific objectives include generating an up-to-date analysis of the needs of this particular group relating to standards in basic competences; transferring and adapting the existing FfW course materials into a multimedia DVD and resource pack for VET teachers and thoroughly testing it with both migrants and trainers.

Our multilingual training course will be accessible in content and low-tech in delivery to engage learners with low qualifications and self-confidence.  By focusing on skills such as oral communication and team work, ICT and personal finances, and using a learner-centric methodology, the project will effectively facilitate the acquisition of basic competences needed to succeed in the world of work, while also boosting confidence and attitudes of value in host countries, leading to more successful employment recruitment and retention in a wide range of occupations.